Anyone’s Anything

Can a sex toy be a toy?

Anyone’s Anything is a playground where we can play with ways of seeing in the context of social taboos. This project is conceived from a linguistic misunderstanding of the word ‘sex toy’, which combines the seeming contradiction between the adult world and children activities. From the perspective of a non-native English speaker, these words are very separate—so how can these two words coexist?

In fact, sex toys have all the right requirements to act as toys. Their shapes, colours, materials, safety and even the vibrations themselves. However, we feel embarrassed and morally guilty when sex toys are found by children. They remain hidden in corners of secret drawers. We take for granted that these objects will be interpreted as sex objects because we take our ways of seeing for granted. Through a child’s eyes, the objects gain a sense of innocence and playfulness. Anyone’s Anything questions the contradiction between these perspectives. How often do we blindly rely on given interpretations of the things around us? Playing with ways of seeing can allow you to imagine the world around you freely.

These rides were made by scaling up sex toys following their features, shpae, colors, material — skin safe silicone — and vibration is replaced to regular movement by riding.
Then if it is, Should we really regulate this playground with social taboos just because they all have sex toy characters?
This playground will be transformed depending on your interpretations and how you see.
Through this project, I hope that we will all feel how limited the way we see and how freely we can imagine when we break that limitation.

Seoul - Amsterdam